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Profession: Writer / journalist

Work: Produce articles based on the crypto / blockchain sector, with a dedicated focus on everything related to EOS and EOSIO. The EOS community, the foundation, Eden, Block.one and everything in between will be your “patch”. You will help Bywire to become the most comprehensive source of information emerging from the EOS scene, informing and developing the community through precise, informative and thoughtful engagement. Always on the lookout for an evidence-based truth no matter where it leads or to whom.

Place: Remote work

Hours and wages: From $ 1500 + bonus per month paid in EOS – 30/40 hours per week – freelance (potential equity offers for good candidates). This will increase dramatically as we increase our investments and crowdfunding campaigns over the coming months.

Besides we will pay for specific stories, contact us for more details and to present locations.

Learn more about Bywire: Bywire News is a world first, revolutionary democratic news and content platform where you can read news you know you can trust.

We’ve teamed up with many of the UK’s most popular independent media creators and publishers, and soon around the world, to create a fully customizable, democratic, responsible news and media network and mobile application (App) and led by the public.

We are building our technology on the public EOS blockchain and working with many members of the EOS community and further to provide high quality EOSIO innovation and help the proliferation of the technology.

Essential skills:

  • Writing – Aiming to excite and inform an audience through concise and engaging writing is extremely important for those who have little time inundated with content. Good grammar and spelling are essential. Being able to write to specifications and on time is also essential.
  • Communication – both interpersonal and electronic. Mastery of basics such as videoconferencing, shared online documents and Slack are essential skills
  • In-depth understanding of EOS, EOSIO the EOS community and blockchain / crypto technology in general.
  • Investigator – finding good stories and knowing your patch will be essential, but a desirable skill will be to dig deeper and find stories that no one else is talking about. Exclusives should be your driving force and will be rewarded with bonuses ”.
  • Attention to detail – good grammar, presentation and spelling skills are essential. Making sure what you post is factually correct and accurate to the highest standards is a fundamental principle.
  • Charming – You will need to work with a variety of people and be led by your team leader and will need the ability to understand the needs of journalism in a digital landscape.
  • Adaptable – can learn new skills quickly and with enthusiasm.
  • Self-managed – You must be able to manage your time well
  • Soft – Willingness to work irregular hours, mostly independently, with occasional calls for late live broadcasts and necessary meetings.
  • Remote work – is comfortable working with many people in many different places
  • Good initiative – we will want ideas presented and presented to us, and not only for quick responses, but also to anticipate key stories that will emerge, trends, breakthroughs, etc.

Apply by email ([email protected])

Software engineers and WordPress developers

We are looking for SOFTWARE ENGINEERS AND PROGRAMMERS to join our team. At the moment, we need someone who is good at python and / or JavaScript (Angular / Node / React / React (native for our two applications)). We need someone who can help either build the backend to tech Node / Angular and / or in Native React or someone who can help translate multiple shell scripts to be executed in python when a specific error is thrown or help build a lightweight orm that can quickly retrieve documents from mongodb in a thread-safe manner.

We are a cutting edge technology start-up for fake news detection and blockchain. You should be able to create plugins or templates from scratch. You will work with our CTO and we will instantly know the quality of your code. A big bonus is that you can have the opportunity to learn how to interact with the eos blockchain. Anyone with AI / ML and data visualization experience would have a big advantage as it would be very useful for our fake news detector.

Right now we have a fun project for a skilled python developer. We are currently using ming to map python classes to mongodb documents, but this gives us problems as it slows down considerably after 10,000 records, struggles to handle asynchronous events, and has quite a bit of boilerplate code. Therefore, we need someone to write a lightweight orm to map python classes to mongodb documents that meet the following requirements.

1. Must be able to complete over 250,000 documents, edit them, and store changes. Be able to process several hundred documents per second without significantly slowing down or losing memory.

2. When two threads access the same document, it must contain the same data. This happens for example in asynchronous callbacks where the results sometimes arrive before the changes are stored in the database, but sometimes we never get a response. We would like to have a lock when a document is modified, but not wait for potentially time-consuming operations (i.e. storing a document, requesting data from an API, etc.) to complete.

3. We want to set the properties / keys only once and the way the values ​​are mapped to mongodb should be inferred from the type. As this avoids typing a lot of boiler plate code to store and save strings, floats etc.

4. Access to data fields must be through properties or in the form of dictionary keys.

5. Preferably use pymongo as a pilot, but we are open to discussing alternatives. However it must work on Linux, mac and windows.

6. Of course, we need the source code. (All code must be deployed on GitHub)

Since we are looking for Bywire to attract qualified developers and it is a fun start-up project, please let us know if you are interested in working long term with us, what your hourly salary would be and how much you will change for this project. You will receive bonus points and a consultation fee if you are able to avoid the project by recommending a library that meets these requirements. There are also profit sharing and profit sharing agreements for the right people.

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Apply by email ([email protected])


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