Shortlist announced for writers featured in Fox & Windmill anthology


Publishing house LOCAL, Fox & Windmill has announced its shortlist for its first anthology to be published this year.

A competition was launched last year and ended on New Year’s Eve, inviting British South Asian writers from across the UK to come forward and submit their short stories and poems.

Judges involved in the selection process included Kevin Duffy of award-winning independent publisher Bluemoose Books, Dr Sofia Rehman, writer, academic and founder of Leeds Lit Bookclub, and award-winning poet Zaffar Kunial, who judged the poems.

Kevin Duffy and Dr Sofia Rehman have selected the following short stories for publication: The Shape of a Girl by Dipika Mummery, The Guesthouse by Majida Begum, The Trousseau by Samina H Bakhsh, Just The Three of Us by Sangeeta Mulay, A White Boy Is Looking At You by Sarah M Jasat, In The Eyes by Swapna Sanchita, On The Blob by Ulka Karandikar, Across This New Divide by Sara Summun Khan

Zaffar Kunia selected these poems: Hijab Diaries: A New Light by Bushra Shaikh, Dadi Maa and I Enter the Buffy verse by Karishma Sangtani, Wheat Stalks on the Wall by Mohammed Barber, Demons by Shana Jasani, Morning Walk around Boudha Stupa by Sujana Crawford, Synonyms of Paradise by Zara Sehar.

One of Fox & Windmill’s co-founders, Sara Razzaq, said, “We are so excited and thrilled to release the shortlist of anthology authors.

“It really means a lot, the support we’ve had from people in the industry and people we’ve met on this journey.

“We haven’t even been a company for a year and we’ve already accomplished some incredible things.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition; Reading the entries has been our favorite moment so far, but we’re excited about the next stage of editing and working with the authors to hone their skills and then get it ready for print.

Judge Kevin Duffy said: “It’s wonderful to see two brilliant young publishers from Bradford, Sara and Habiba, giving British South Asian writers the opportunity to see their work in print. The shortlist is full of new stories of some very talented writers.”

Sara and Habiba, said, “Congratulations to everyone on our shortlist. We are so honored and proud to be able to publish your work at Fox & Windmill.


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