Publishers who adopt Apple News are now entitled to reduced commission on in-app subscriptions


Apple today announced a News Partner Program that will allow publishers who sign up to publish their content through Apple News to receive a reduced commission rate of 15% on qualifying in-app subscriptions.

In return for maintaining a “robust” presence on Apple News, publishers enrolled in the program will receive 85% of revenue from readers who subscribe through the publication’s own app on the App Store. By comparison, publishers currently receive 70% of revenue from readers who have subscribed for less than a year and 85% of revenue from readers who have subscribed for a year or more.

Publishers can apply to the program starting today anywhere in the world. To be eligible, publishers must maintain an Apple News channel and publish all content on that channel in Apple News format. Further details are available on Apple’s website.

Apple will also support, fund and collaborate with other media education organizations around the world. Permanente Giovani-Editori.

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