Microsoft discussed acquisitions with ‘big Japanese publishers’


Gaming journalist Imran Khan says Microsoft is in talks with “big Japanese publishers” about acquisitions to expand the Xbox Game Pass library.

Ancient FanByte and game informant Writer Imran Khan reported that Microsoft is in talks with “big Japanese publishers” about acquisitions to grow the Xbox Game Pass library. As Microsoft continues to grow its Xbox Game Pass service, the takeover of a well-known Japanese publisher could dramatically increase the number and variety of titles available on the service.

Microsoft has spent the past few years acquiring several game developers and publishers under its Xbox Game Studios brand, and this latest rumor indicates that this trend looks likely to continue. As well as acquiring development studios such as Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions, the studio behind 2021 is critically acclaimed Psychonauts 2Microsoft also bought Loss and Skyrim publisher Bethesda Game Studios. In a move that has drawn both praise and scorn from some gamers, Microsoft also announced in early 2022 its desire to acquire Call of Duty Publisher Activision Blizzard.


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Speaking on the Giant Bombcast, Khan said that Microsoft wants to acquire at least one major Japanese publisher and has entered into talks to do so. Khan explains that just as Netflix has started producing more original content in recent years to avoid paying licensing fees to stream existing programs, Microsoft is looking to move more development in-house rather than paying licensing fees. to add games from other developers and publishers to Xbox Game Pass. Referring to rumors earlier this year about a potential acquisition of video game publisher EA by Amazon, host Jeff Grubb noted that Microsoft may also be in a rush to acquire new developers and publishers due to competition. increased after high profile acquisitions such as Tencent and Sony. increased participation in Ring of Elden FromSoftware developer.

One complaint Microsoft has faced since the launch of the original Xbox is the lack of quality Japanese titles available on its hardware, especially compared to Sony’s rival PlayStation. Acquiring a Japanese studio could go a long way to solving this problem, a possibility that is likely to excite many Western gamers and even potentially attract more gamers from Japan, which is a market Microsoft has always struggled in. to settle. Although Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement regarding the acquisition of a Japanese publisher, Grubb said he believes Microsoft will likely make such a move if and after their acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved by regulators.

With companies such as Sony and Embracer Group, which recently acquired several studios and IPs from powerful Japanese publisher Square Enix, expanding their roster of talented developers, it makes sense that Microsoft is trying to do the same. Acquiring a Japanese publisher could help Microsoft stay competitive in the increasingly consolidated world of video game publishing, but could also cause gamers to worry that Western ownership could erode some of what makes these unique editors. Whichever way Microsoft chooses to proceed, it’s likely that the trend of high-profile acquisitions in the video game industry will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Source: Giant bomb/YouTube


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