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Ndani television is the premium African content provider, proud producers of exciting shows like The juice, Gidi high and The new Africa. At the start of 2014, they want to expand the team with the following positions:

Content Producers and Presenters
Job description:
• Writes scripts for shows of different genres
• Directs and produces shows from idea to final cut
• Supervise productions and ensure they go on schedule
• Brainstorm for ideas for new shows
• Write the voice over / commentary
• Presents shows with creativity and style

Social media managers
Job description:
• Manages all social media accounts
• Actively engages Ndani’s social media audience with articles, discussions and giveaways
• Ensures social media platforms are updated frequently
• Follows trends on social media platforms
• Build social media monitoring thanks to concrete deliverables (ratings, subscribers, likes, etc.)

Videographers and Editors
Job description:
• Proficiency in the use of video recording equipment eg Black Magic cameras, digital SLR cameras.
• Proficiency in the use of editing software; Adobe Premier, After Effects, Speed ​​Grade and da Vinci Resolve
• Assemble all raw images
• Liaise with producers from production to final assembly
• Digitally cut files to stitch story sequences together
• Creates an assembly edit of the program and determines the exact cut for the final steps

Editors and feature editors
Job description:
• Mastery of CMS systems such as WordPress
• Familiarity with basic software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Microsoft Office)
• Formulate detailed monthly content calendars that describe specific articles and topics
• Monitor trends surrounding content areas
• Seeks to collaborate with relevant brands, personalities and companies.
• Contributes to editorial articles.
• Manages content direction for specific content categories
• Writes engaging, informative and interesting articles on topics such as fashion, beauty, entertainment, travel, culture and more.
• Reviews, edits and formats content (text, images, etc.)

Terms & Conditions
1. Cover letter
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Portfolio of previous works

Send it all to the apps at [email protected]
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