FX’s Chicago production of Justified Revival disrupted again, ‘incendiary device’ thrown on set

Timothy Olyphant, series star of FX’s revival show “Justified: City Primeval,” has been in town for the past few weeks filming the show. | Photo: FX Production Still of “Justified”

CHICAGO — Less than two and a half weeks ago, FX’s Chicago production of “Justified: City Primeval” was halted due to a shooting in the Douglass Park area. Now authorities say someone threw an “incendiary device” at the set last night while they were filming at a gas station near the border of the West Loop and Near West Side neighborhoods.

Last night’s incident reportedly happened shortly after midnight at a gas station in the 1000 block of S. Desplaines, which sits almost directly on the border between the West Loop and Near West Side neighborhoods.

Police say an ‘incendiary device’ was ignited and thrown by an as-yet-unidentified offender towards the area around the plateau which was spinning on the block above. Police say the object did not explode and no injuries were reported among the cast and crew.

We have contacted Chicago Police for further clarification on the type of “incendiary device” that was ignited and thrown, but they were unable to clarify as the investigation is still ongoing.

There is no one in custody and detectives from area three are investigating.

You will recall that less than two and a half weeks ago, a shooting broke through barricades during the filming of the series in Douglass Park, in the south of the city.

After this incident, the production studio hired an enhanced security team made up of ex-military personnel whom The Wrap described as “led by a trained hostage negotiator who provides global security detail…and… including Navy SEALs and Army Rangers”.

We don’t currently know which of the cast or crew was on set during last night’s incident, nor have we heard back from the studio.

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