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SUNY Fredonia alumnus Dr. Lori Ana Valentin.

Medical Examiner Dr. Lori Ann Valentin, who earned a BS in Biochemistry from SUNY Fredonia in 2009, will return to campus for a two-day residency, “My Radiant Journey: Service through Science – A Chemist’s Perspective,” Monday and Tuesday, February 7 and 8.

[email protected] is an alumni writers-in-residence series featuring well-established and emerging writers, editors, and publishers in a range of professional and creative genres who meet students and interested members of the community. It draws attention to the various ways in which writing and the humanities make a difference in the world.

The residency was organized in collaboration by [email protected] with the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology, the FREDwell Salon, the Honors Program, the Cross-Cultural Center, and the Keeper of the Dream Fellowship and Leadership Program.

Dr. Valentín looks forward to forming meaningful connections with Fredonia students during his residency.

“As a minority woman in STEM, I understand the importance of representation. I want to serve as the role model and support that I always envisioned as a student. – Dr Lori Ana Valentin

“As a minority woman in STEM, I understand the importance of representation. I want to serve as the role model and support that I always imagined when I was a student,” Valentín said. really important to me to serve as a representative role model and provide students with the resources and tools that have helped me on my journey.

“By being transparent about my journey and the challenges I’ve faced, hopefully they can see how to navigate for themselves,” Valentin said.

The residency will open with “Focus on Forensics: Doing the Science & Communicating the Results through Writing,” on Monday, 2-3:30 p.m., in room 126 of the Science Center. On the importance of writing, Valentín said: “Writing skills are essential for effective communication, especially in the scientific field, which depends heavily on the communication of results through publications in journals.

The conference, organized by the Department of Biology, is open to students in person and can be streamed live by the public.

The Fredonia Career Development Office will host Valentin’s presentation, “Translating Your Story from the Classroom: To Internships and Beyond,” on Monday, 7-8 p.m., in Williams Center room S204. “Your writing introduces you before you walk into the room. Writing is a tool for self-defense,” Valentin said.

The presentation is open to students and the public in person and will also be streamed live.

“Building Resilience Workshop: Self-Care During the Pandemic and Beyond” will be presented by Valentin on Tuesday, 7-8:30 p.m., in room S204 at the Williams Center.

“This workshop is going to provide tangible resources and approaches that students can use to address their challenges and also learn new skills to enable them to meet future challenges,” Valentín said. “They should walk away with confidence, with tools to fight impostor syndrome, and with new skills they can apply to be kinder to themselves.”

Workshop hosts include the Intercultural Center, FREDwell Salon, Honors Program and [email protected] It will be open to students and the public in person and will also be streamed live.

During residency, Valentin will also offer by-call career consultations with current students. Email Dr. Natalie Gerber for more information.

All [email protected] events are free. Face coverings are mandatory in all indoor environments. While most are scheduled in person, please confirm event status and/or access Zoom live links, and to view the full schedule of events for this residency, visit [email protected]

A scholarly Dream Keeper, Valentín presents herself as a person “dedicated to service through science”. She explains, “This description sums up everything I do – from my work with the [New York] State Police, in higher education, through the American Chemical Society, mentorship, and in my community service.

When asked how SUNY Fredonia helped launch Valentin on his career path, she replied, “Planting the ‘seed of service’ began in Fredonia through my involvement in the scholarship program. and leadership skills Keeper of the Dream, outreach work through the Chemistry Club, tutoring at the Tutoring Center and working as an ESL tutor in Dunkirk during my studies.

“Having these opportunities has really broadened my perspective in terms of the scope of the service I’ve given to my community,” Valentin said.

Valentín, who holds a doctorate in chemistry from Binghamton University, is a medical examiner at the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany. She began her work in forensics in 2015. Valentin was assigned to the seized drugs section where she analyzed hundreds of pieces of evidence for the presence of controlled substances in local, state and federal criminal cases.

In 2018, Valentín was promoted to a lab management position within the Quality Assurance Office where she supports the crime lab system by maintaining a robust quality management system. In 2020, she created the first virtual forensic internship through a collaboration with the University of Albany. In her current role, she manages the internship program and leads learning and development, community outreach, and organizational health and wellness.

Dedicated to raising awareness, Valentín is the 2022 President of the Eastern New York Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and serves on its Education and Women Chemists Committees. In 2021, she founded the organization Radiant Journey, which offers personalized resilience-building programs to scientists and engineers in academia, government and industry.

This [email protected] residency is sponsored by the Biology Endowment Fund, Career Development Office, Carnahan Jackson Fund for the Humanities of the Fredonia College Foundation, Faculty Student Association, Fredonia Alumni Association, Fredonia College Foundation, Fredonia Honors Program , the Intercultural Center and the Guardian of the Dream Scholarship and Leadership program.

The series is made possible through a partnership with Admissions, Alumni Affairs, the Career Development Office, Fredonia College Foundation, Fredonia Honors Program, School of Business, and the Departments of Communication and English.

The Valentin residency is made possible through a partnership with the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, FREDwell Lounge, Intercultural Center and Keeper of the Dream Scholarship and Leadership Program.


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