Five books by Iranian writers embellish the White Ravens catalog


TEHRAN – The prestigious Munich International Youth Library (Internationale Jugendbibliothek, IJB) has selected five books by Iranian writers for its 35th edition of the White Ravens Catalog.

The books are “Mammals of Iran: Bears and Other Carnivores”, “The Battle of Noruz: Mani + Festival-Makers + Festival-Spoilers”, “Zahhak, the Snake Shoulder: A Story with Seven Narrators”, “Barli, the Balloon Vendor and the Dwarf Generals ”and“ The Orange Girl ”.

In a preface to the catalog, Christiane Raabe, director of the International Youth Library, said: “It aims to promote quality in the publishing of children’s books and has become an increasingly useful tool for anyone who wishes to look at it. – beyond national borders. “

She added: “Selecting books for the White Ravens list is one of the jobs of our language specialists and children’s books. ”

“Throughout the year, they put aside new publications that grab their attention and are remarkable to them. Some of these works are then selected for recommendation to an international audience. Books are chosen for the list based on the universal relevance of the themes they address, their literary and pictorial qualities, or their innovative approaches or designs, ”she noted.

Written by Ali Golshan, “Mammals of Iran: Bears and Other Carnivores” was published by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults – Kanoon.

This exceptional non-fiction book tells a compelling tale of Iranian nature and takes readers on a magnificent journey, during which they explore the habitat of bears and other terrestrial carnivores native to Iran.

What makes this book very special and sets it apart from many other non-fiction works is the author’s use of cross-references and embellishments, including the introduction of folk tales, proverbs and d works of art about these animals in Iranian culture, as well as a history of their relationship with humans and their occasional presence in human societies.

In “The Battle of Noruz: Mani + Festival-Makers + Festival-Spoilers”, writer Hadis Lazar-Gholami focuses on the many beautiful traditions practiced as part of Noruz, the celebration of the Persian New Year.

Throughout history, the writer mentions them in order to remind his young audience of the history of Iran’s most important national festival and its importance.

The book was published by Cheshmeh with illustrations by Mahbubeh Yazdani.

Posted by Madreseh, “Zahhak, the Snake Shoulder: A Story with Seven Narrators” was created by Atusa Salehi based on his original version of Shahnameh, the epic masterpiece by Persian poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi.

It is about a good-humored human being who falls into the trap of the devil and himself becomes a criminal and a tyrant.

Salehi simplified the story for children from the perspective of different characters, including Zahhak the Devil and others.

“Barli, the Balloon Vendor and the Dwarf Generals” tells the story of little Barli, a homeless girl who sells balloons under a bridge during the day and sleeps in the same place at night. She finds a way to confront the despotic dwarf generals who rule the country and tries to restore peace and tranquility to her community.

Through literature, writer Seyyed Navid Seyyed Ali-Akbar explains how war, violence and totalitarianism can make our world dangerous and unpleasant.

Illustrated by Narjes Mohammadi, the book was published by the Elmi Farhangi publishing house.

This book is part of a series published in ten volumes under the title “Stories of Peace and Friendship”.

“The Orange Girl” was published by Tuti Books, winner of the BOP – Bologna Award for Best Children’s Publishers of the Year in Asia.

Written by Asadollah Sha’bani, the book presents one of the oldest Iranian folk tales. There are many variations of this story in Iranian oral literature.

This book is based on a version of Fazlollah Mohtadi Sobhi, whose role in Iranian popular literature can be compared to that of the Brothers Grimm.

In this story, a king dreams of having a son and after many years his dream comes true. The son is growing tall and strong and no one is suitable for him in horseback riding and archery. But when he pulls and breaks an old woman’s oil bottle, she tells him, “I hope you fall in love with the orange girl!”

So begins the prince’s quest to find this girl. But after finding her, he falls ill from the spell of another very jealous girl.

Illustrated by Mahkameh Sha’bani, the story has many similarities to Grimm’s tale “The Goose Girl”.

The cover of this year’s White Ravens catalog features an illustration by Montreal-based Iranian artist Nahid Kazemi from his book “Over the Rooftops, Under the Moon” which was shortlisted for the 2020 White Ravens.

The White Ravens 2021 Catalog contains a selection of 200 remarkable books for children and young adults from 54 countries published in 38 languages.

Photo: This combined photo shows the covers of the Persian books chosen for the 2021 White Ravens Catalog.



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