Film Content Producers Still Discovering Audience Taste


MUMBAI: India’s film industry is one of the richest in the world, and its content has gained customers around the world. But producers still believe the industry is missing the pulse of public preferences.

The point was raised during the third edition of “The Content Center” during a panel discussion on how emerging Hindi film producers are making their mark and the business models they are developing. The panel included Shariq Patel, CEO of Essel Vision (Zee Studios), Ajit Andhare, COO of Viacom18 Studios, Sunil Doshi, owner of Alliance Media and Entertainment and Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios India. Moderating the panel was the film review of the Film Companion Suchitra Tyagi.

Singh said that although we don’t have a full understanding, we are better informed than a few years ago. “Let me just give you some facts. Cinema in India was in single digits until last year, where it actually had its most record-breaking year and the business grew by 14%. As a result, even if you look at Hollywood, last year they had their biggest year in theater, ”he said.

However, Patel was of the opinion that the reason behind this was the constantly emerging trends. He shared that it is not possible to predict or see the changes in what the public deems popular.

Reflecting similar thoughts, Andhare said, “Trends and movies are two terms that are not friends with each other, because the moment you try to say it’s a trend, you’ll falter. You can safely say that yes the content needs to be taken more seriously, only the packaging film that was successful a few years ago may not work.

He added: “Also from a purely business point of view, if you see a movie fan base, it is actually divided into three main markets, Hindi is only one and the other two big bases are South. So if you really want to reach out to the whole cinema consumer base in this country, you have to reach out to all of these three and from that perspective the regional becomes extremely relevant.

There is a great opportunity to be a content producer today. “There is a huge opportunity in OTT and I can tell you that in the movies there is an equally big opportunity. What has happened in Hollywood over the last 10 years, because the contribution of the outside America began to increase. 10 years ago, international content contributed 30 This is the reason studios are working on franchise films or the few films that have the capacity to travel through the world, ”Singh concluded.


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