66 publishers honored, three with €60,000 each


With a total value of more than 1.6 million euros, the German Publishing Prize selects and rewards socially committed independent publishers.

Winners of the German Edition Prize at the award ceremony on June 22. Image: Christian Werner, BKM

By Porter Anderson, Editor | @Porter_Anderson

Roth: “To critically examine current events”

IIn case you don’t know, the German Edition Award is just that: recognition of good work for publishers. As such, it stands out from the many global industry awards programs designed to single out and recognize the good work of authors and/or translators – sometimes, as in the TA First Translation Prize in the UK.

The prize for the German edition (Deutscher Verlagspreis) is managed by the Federal Minister of Culture and Media, Claudia Roth. She writes enthusiastically about the value and importance of books and literature: “Books open up worlds – and thus open up spaces of opportunity for exchange, criticism and new perspectives.

“In this sense, small independent publishers in particular contribute to journalistic diversity. With high quality standards and entrepreneurial courage, they enliven and enrich public discourse. They defend this with passion, commitment and a willingness to take economic risks.

Like the problem-oriented positioning of the Aspen Words literary prize and some of the most important history writing prizes, this program is particularly interested in work related to “democratic discourse” and “the exchange socio-political”, as you will read. Roth said in a moment. Seriousness of intent is a guiding criterion for success.

In his recognition, Roth echoes much of what Frankfurter BuchmesseThe 2021 program on independent publishers explored the importance of independent presses, many of which in Germany, of course, are among the most nimble, adventurous, innovative and decorated in the German sector.

This year, a total of 338 publishers applied and 66 were selected by an independent jury. So the structure of the program essentially works with a very long list and a set of three winners – it’s a trio of big winners, each of those three presses coming out with a handsome purse of €60,000 (US$63,161).

Additionally, 60 winners receive €24,000 ($25,264). Finally, a trio of publishers achieving an average annual turnover of 3 million euros is rewarded with an unendowed quality label (no monetary reward). In total, it is a program that brings in, as confirmed by our colleagues from the Borsenblatt, more than 1.6 million euros (1.7 million dollars).

Claudia Roth

Roth, the culture minister, in today’s media message, is ready with the justification for this level of support, saying “With the Deutscher Verlagspreis we highlight the many small independent publishers.

“From the idea to the finished work, they support their projects with passionate commitment and great attention. Among other things, this translates into those books that invite us to engage in socio-political exchanges, that force us to critically examine current events, and thus enrich democratic discourse in valuable ways. It is to the publishers behind these books that we owe the unique diversity of our literary landscape.

“They deserve our special recognition all the more, and that is exactly what the German Publishing Prize represents.”

As the information for the press indicates, “As part of a multi-stage selection process, the jury reviewed the applications and selected the publishers most convincing in terms of their publishing program and the quality of their work. editing. Important criteria for the jury’s decision were also the implementation of innovative projects, attractive book design and cultural commitment, for example in the area of ​​reading and the promotion of culture.

Jurors for the 2022 edition of the prize:

  • Literary translator Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel, President
  • Journalist Roswitha Budeus-Budde
  • Katharina Hesse, Managing Director of Stiftung Buchkunst
  • Journalist Hannes Hintermeier
  • Literary scholar and director of the House of Literature Hamburg Rainer Moritz
  • Independent book maker and designer Hans-Heinrich Ruta
  • Ilke Sayan, a bibliophile
Winners of the German Edition Prize 2022

Representatives of the top three houses, winning 60,000 each, come from left to right Jacoby & Stuart, Guggolz and Edition Taube. Minister Claudia Roth is third from the right. Image: Christian Werner, BKM

The first three winners, receiving the largest scholarships:

  • Guggolz, Berlin
  • Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin
  • Edition Taube, Munich

Largest body of 60 winners:

  • Anton G. Leitner Verlag
  • Argument Verlag mit Ariadne
  • ars vivendi
  • AV editing
  • AvivA
  • Buchkinder Verlag
  • Büchner-Verlag
  • CulturBooks Verlag
  • Deutscher Architektur Verlag
  • DOM editors
  • assembly edition
  • Edition Taube
  • Tiamat edition (Publisher Klaus Bittermann)
  • Elfenbein Verlag
  • Faber & Faber
  • Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt GmbH
  • Guggolz Verlag
  • Hirnkost KG
  • homunculus verlag
  • Jacoby and Stuart
  • Jaja Verlag
  • Kehrer Verlag
  • Kerber Edition
  • Kindermann Verlag
  • Komplett-Media
  • Konkursbuch Verlag
  • kunstanstifter – Verlag für Illustration
  • Lagato Verlag
  • Lubok Verlag
  • mairisch Verlag
  • mareverlag
  • MaroVerlag
  • Mitteldeutscher Verlag
  • Mixtvision
  • Orlando Verlag
  • Passanten Verlag
  • Pendragon (Gunther Butkus)
  • Peter Hammer Verlag
  • pmv Peter Meyer Verlag
  • Poetenladen
  • master of dough
  • Ronin Horverlag
  • Rotopol
  • Satyr Verlag
  • Schaltzeit Verlag
  • Schirmer/Mosel
  • Secession Verlag
  • talk in a low voice
  • Spector Books
  • star fruit publications
  • assume
  • tulip
  • Verbrecher Verlag
  • Verlag Graswurzelrevolution
  • Verlag Kettler
  • Verlagshaus Berlin
  • Voland & Quist
  • Wagenbach
  • Weidle Verlag
  • Wunderhorn

And the three winners of the unfunded seal of approval (with an annual turnover of more than 3 million euros):

  • Emons Verlag
  • JUMBO Verlag
  • Matthes & Seitz Berlin

The official partners of the prize are the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandelsthe German Association of Publishers and Booksellers, and the Kurt Wolff Foundation, well known to Publication prospects readers for its Helen & Kurt Wolff Translator Award.

At the German edition award ceremony on June 22. Image: Christian Werner, BKM

This is the 115th Publishing Perspectives awards report produced in the 117 publishing days since we began our 2022 operations on January 3.

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