Wednesday, 29 January, 2020

Documentation Required to Obtain a Payday Loan

The 3 things to know:

  • Tax documentation : certifies the working and income status of the customer
  • Economic documentation : varies according to the applicant’s working condition
  • Which loan to choose? Compare the installments and find the most advantageous loan

Required documentation to obtain a payday loan 

payday loan

To realize our dreams in the drawer we often need financial help: we must then ask for a payday loan. To obtain a loan you need to present some basic requirements, including being between the ages of 17 and 75/75, having solvency skills – therefore having a debt to installment ratio to pay that is sustainable – and being financially reliable, so don’t result in the register of bad payers. Usually you can get the practice done quite quickly. But which documentation to present for the request to be satisfied?

The tax documentation

The tax documentation

To obtain a payday loan, a series of documents is needed to identify the client and to certify his / her working and income status. The documentation may change based on the type of loan requested and the parameters used by the individual bank or financial institution (here is what a financial institution is). Whatever the type of loan requested, the anti-money laundering regulations require that the complete fiscal (or personal) documentation relating to the applicant is always required.

  • Italian citizens: ID card (ID card or driving license) and the tax code.
  • EU citizens: Identity card, contextual residence certificate, proof of regularity of residence or certificate of registration.
  • Non-EU citizens: Residence document.

Economic documentation


To obtain a personal payday loan, the documentation may be different depending on the client’s working condition. Employees , for example, must present the last pay slip (sometimes the last two are required) and possibly. The self-employed workers are required to pay their final tax return (730 or Single Form) and the F24 form certifying the payments, while the pensioners must produce the last slip or the certificate that contains all the information relating to the type of pension received.

Everyone must also present the documentation relating to any other loans in progress. In some cases, copies of the latest bills (electricity, water and gas) regularly paid, are also required to verify the solvency status of the applicant.

If you choose a payday loan, related to the specific purchase of a good or service, you must also present an estimate of the expenditure to be incurred.

The assignment of the fifth is instead a particular type of financing reserved for employees with permanent contracts or holder pension holders. The salary assignment allows the debt to be extinguished through the monthly deduction of the installments directly from the salary, or from the pension, up to a quota equal to one fifth of the same. In order to obtain this kind of loan, in addition to the fiscal and income documentation, the Declaration of the transferable quota (to be requested from the competent social security institution) and the Salary certificate , issued by the employer, containing all information relating to the hiring ( seniority, severance pay, monthly pay, etc.).