5 questions about online credits that you dared not ask

It is not always easy to meet unexpected expenses, especially with current labor and economic instability. So, when an unforeseen event arises, there are many people who go to online credits to obtain fast financing. But how much do you really know about these types of credits?

We answer those questions about online credits that you may have asked yourself but did not dare to ask.


1. Are there really online credits in the act?

online credits in the act?

The new technologies allow to speed up the granting of fast online credits. Some of the steps are automated so that you have an answer as soon as possible. Because we know that when you need money, sometimes you need it at the moment.

In the case of Flinero , specialists in online microcredits, you just have to follow a few simple steps that you can complete in a few minutes:

Fill out a simple form

In a few minutes you will have finished it. We know your time is money so let’s go straight to the most essential information.

Verify your identity

You can use Instantor, a tool that verifies your identity almost instantly. It is a totally safe and very fast and effective method.

Accept your loan

If we have approved your request, we will send you an SMS and an email with the amount we can lend you. Check that everything is correct and accept your loan!

We will transfer the money to your account instantly. Although you should know that transfers do not always arrive immediately and that is not in our hands. You can receive the money in your account in 15 minutes or, even at the moment, but the process is extended a little more in some specific cases, when the client’s bank does not match ours or they are holidays. The usual thing in these cases is to receive the money throughout the following day.


2. What is Instantor?

credit loan

Instantor is a tool that allows you to verify identities and that manages access to bank information. It is totally confidential and secure. You must access your online banking system through the Instantor platform. But calm down! Of course we will not have your access data and Instantor will not store this information.

In addition, Instantor will only inform us if you respond to the financial requirements for us to lend you the money. We do not want to invade your privacy, we will only accelerate the process so that you can arrange before your loan and save you paperwork, for example, presenting payrolls. Instantor is used for fast credits worldwide.


3. Is it possible to get fast credits online without paperwork?

credits online without paperwork?

Indeed, we request some personal information on the form, but you should not do paperwork. We will only ask you for basic information to know if we can offer you a loan and check that everything is in order. No more no less!


4. Can credits be granted online without payroll?

credits be granted online without payroll?

This depends on the financial institution and the type of product in question. Although you should know that it is often not necessary for you to have a payroll. It is enough that you have regular income such as your unemployment or retirement benefit, for example. You may also be granted a loan by being a freelancer who usually receives money for his work. Although, of course, each case is different and there are several aspects to consider.


5. Can I request several credits at the same time?

credit loan

We are sorry, but you can only ask for one credit each time. We cannot grant you any new credit until you have returned the previous one. Although, don’t worry, as soon as you pay your current online credit, you can request another one instantly.

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